Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Shadow Paintings

Although I am no longer painting shadows I am still "stopped in my tracks" when I chance upon a particularly fine display. Anyone in my company at the time of my ooohing and aaaahing and grabbing for the camera, seems to raise an eyebrow and smile at me with that "what is she on about" kind of look. Never mind, I simply see the transient beauty of the carpet laid out at our feet and I merely want to capture it so it can be savoured at leisure. Firstly, I'm drawn to the patterns, then to the inky velvety depths of the shadows and the contrasts of the acid highlights.

Generally I like to prepare my canvas or board with a coloured base coat as I like to allow it to peak through, adding to the tapestry-like richness of colour. When the painting uses a lot of green I like to use red as a base coat as I love the way it makes the greens "sing" when layered on top.

Cornwall Park (nfs)
2004, 825 x 675mm, acrylic on canvas

Coyle Park (sold)
2004, 750 x 170mm, acrylic on board

Coyle Park Shadows (nfs)
2005, 825 x 675mm, acrylic on canvas

Pt Chevalier Beach (sold)
2005, 1055 x 815mm, acrylic on canvas

Mt Eden (sold)
2006, 905 x 580mm, acrylic on canvas
 I was totally enchanted by the giant moth taking flight from the crater of Mt Eden while out walking one day. Didn't anyone else see it?

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