Monday, 17 September 2018

"Forest has the Blues" at the Auckland Botanic Gardens

Just one week after packing up our installation and group exhibition at the Depot Artspace we reinstalled "Forest has the Blues", in a slightly different format, at the Auckland Botanic Gardens.

"Forest has the Blues" thanks Toni Mosley for her invitation 
to accompany "Symbiosis" in the beautiful Huakaiwaka gallery.

To read about the background of the collaborative project 

Installation was much quicker 2nd time round. 
Being a different space it wasn't simply a repeat 
of what we had done before although we did repeat some 
of the groupings that worked especially well.

 We wanted to include a higher proportion of the 
Pukekohe High School students' work as this venue is closer 
to their home turf so we hoped they, and their families, 
would have more of an opportunity to visit the exhibition.

Moth plant & Morning Glory linocuts by Toni Hartill

 Student Celebration

To celebrate the students' involvement we held an informal 
gathering at the gallery towards the end of the exhibition period. 
This was a great opportunity to meet some of the students 
who had participated, and their families.  



A group exhibition looking at relationships 
between plants, trees and organisms. 
Curated by Toni Mosley.

 Rachel Schanzer
Kheang Ov
Phillipa Bentley
Toni Hartill
Donna Dold
Nicola Ov
Elle Anderson
Celia Walker
Prue MacDougall
Esther Hansen
Helen Bankers

Two of my works were included in this exhibition:

"Ngunguru" - linocut by Toni Hartill

"Kohekohe" - linocut by Toni Hartill

All good things must end and so on the 10th Sept 
we took it all down again and it is now wrapped and stored away 
til a new iteration of the show emerges next year.

We are currently planning and experimenting to decide 
how we will evolve the show, stretching and developing 
our skills and ideas.

We have new venues booked for next year 
so follow our progress as we work towards 
these all-new installations and exhibitions. 

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Many, many thanks to everyone 
who has visited 
and responded so positively 
to our efforts!

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