Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Keep Calm and Press On!

Too easy to procrastinate after a fantastic family holiday hiking the Routeburn Track with our teenage sons, summer in NZ, catching up with friends and family...

So, in order to get back to the printing press after the holiday break I was inspired to have a "play" with the "Keep Calm..." idea. I had just been on holiday to the tourist playground of Queenstown and EVERYWHERE I looked there was merchandise with the "Keep Calm...." slogan with all manner of versions to suit all manner of interests ... but not a version for print makers!

So I thought I'd whip up my own...

The design is drawn onto the MDF with a sharpie marker.

The wood block is cut and ready to print.

I printed two colour and one colour (black) versions onto a whole variety of surfaces including different papers and a selection of fabrics. I experimented with different loadings of ink to achieve variations from sharp, strong colour to more weathered, textural effects. My favourite ones were the more faded, weathered look printed onto canvas or calico. These will be made into "patches" to embellish bags, clothing or personal items. 

So, for a quick, fun, spur-of-the-moment project to get me warmed up and back to work this was a great way to kick start the year. Too often we can get bogged down with worrying about the end product and therefore loose sight of the enjoyment of the process and the opportunity for learning through "play". One of my goals for the year ahead: "Enjoy the journey!"