Toni Hartill

Bachelor of Fine Arts, 
Grad Dip Secondary Teaching, 
University of Auckland

Working from my home studio-come-workshop in Western Springs, central Auckland, NZ, I am eternally inspired by colour, texture, pattern and form in the natural environment. Common themes in my work include my love for the natural environment, explorations of environmental concerns and a fascination for the strong ties that come with connections to "place".

Although I work with many media, printmaking holds the greatest allure for me because it allows me to be spontaneous, experimental and playful in my work, and to let go of my “perfectionist” tendencies. It is also a great starting point to spring off into using other media and processes as the inspiration and imagination demands. I tend to start with an idea of what and why, and then allow the choice of media and processes to follow to best express my intentions. My work often strays off the beaten track into creating unique artists books, mini dioramas and other, often sculptural, creations.

How did I get here?

On leaving art school I worked as a designer of interior and exterior environments and one-off and bespoke furniture. I also worked extensively in colour consultation and as a decorative artist creating paint finishes for all manner of surfaces and applications, interior and exterior.

Once I started a family and I was able to begin to develop my own arts practice, I was primarily a painter.The skills and passion I had developed working with colour, informed, in many ways, the way I worked, and still does.

My practice began taking a new direction when I taught art in secondary schools and I was required to teach printmaking. Although printmaking had always held a magical allure for me I hadn’t had the opportunity to pursue it since a short spell in my first year at art school. Creating exemplars and teaching students was ample motivation to delve further into the world of printmaking.

Developing my practice

Through attending workshops, connecting with like-minded people and working consistently at my arts practice, I aim to grow and find my own voice as an artist. I find that, as my skills and confidence grows, I am more able to work across disciplines and in a variety of media, always hungry to learn more and to try new things.

Having the opportunity to share my progress, my successes and failures, with an interested audience, helps to keep me focused and grounded while the process of writing about and presenting my thoughts in a coherent and legible manner helps to give my work purpose and direction. 

Thank you for your interest and support.
I welcome your comments and feedback.

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I am a life member of, 
and the current Auckland/ Northland REP, for

PCANZ (Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand
PCANZ is a member run, national, non-profit organisation 
that promotes contemporary fine art printmaking.
Through workshops, exhibitions, collaborations and exchanges 
between members and national and international associations,
we foster a greater appreciation of printmaking
amongst our members and the wider community. 


  1. Hi Toni
    I just wanted to say how much I have enjoyed perusing your blog. Love your work ..... and I especially appreciate the generous way you share your explanations. Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for the lovely feedback! Always so nice to know my ramblings are reaching people and being enjoyed. I'm way behind in writing some new blog posts - been working towards so many projects of late but when things quiet down a little I'll write up some of my latest projects so I hope you visit again. Best wishes!


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