Tuesday, 23 November 2021

"A Cautious Reopening" - The Sequel


"A Cautious Reopening" Limited Edition linocut by Toni Hartill

Inspired by the experience of being in an extended lockdown from August til December 2021, in Auckland, New Zealand / Aotearoa, during the Covid-19 pandemic, this linocut was created to express my (and others') cautiousness towards the stepped reopening of our bubbles. 

In the second year of the pandemic, I think no-one was surprised when the Delta variant finally arrived in Auckland via the Aussie travel bubble and NZ went into a Level 4 lockdown on August 18th. The rest of the country moved down (and up and down) the levels while Auckland moved to Level 3 after 5 weeks, and then only gradually eased some restrictions while still in level 3 for another looong10 weeks when we are all due to move into a new "framework" as vaccination rates reach 90%. 

Coincidentally, yesterday, as I wrote this, it was announced that all of the country will move to the new framework next Thursday, 2nd Dec. Scroll to the end for a final comment.

As many can relate this lockdown has not been an easy experience for so many reasons. 

Any ability to be creative completely deserted me for weeks due to the general malaise of "Lockdownitis", the uncertainty caused by having my solo exhibition due to open but not knowing when or if, plus some intense family health dramas. It has only been very recently that I have been inspired and able to begin some new work and to look forwards to new goals.

Scroll down to read about the work 

and to see the making of the print.

"A Cautious Reopening" by Toni Hartill

"A Cautious Reopening"

Paper size: A4 / 210mm x 297mm
Media: Linocut
Paper: Hahnemuhle Stella Matte, 230 gsm
Limited Edition of 30

Prints are available to purchase in my online shop
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FREE Standard shipping in NZ.

To celebrate Auckland's reopening 
10% off all shop sales until midnight Dec 14th.

"Stick to your Bubble" by Toni Hartill (SOLD OUT)

A sequel

This new linocut is a sequel to my "Stick to your Bubble" linocut, created during the first lockdown in March 2020, when the entire world began locking down due to the pandemic. Click here to see and read about this earlier work which was created for a print exchange, "Distant Conversations", to mark this unusual period in our lives.

"At a time when we were confined to our homes and our lives had to slow right down, snails seemed to be a particularly apt totem. The snail's habit of withdrawing into its shell when a threat is perceived, and its ability to seal itself away for long periods, being completely self-reliant seemed especially relevant." 

Toni Hartill

Yes!! More SNAILS!

As you can see, NZ Kauri snails again have the starring role. I've previously written about my attachment to snails as a personal totem and have included them in a few earlier artworks including "Pūpūrangi/ Kauri Snail, Kauri" and "Home as a Sanctuary"

This time the snails are seen venturing out of their jar (bubble). 
The lid is off and they are emerging, albeit cautiously.

As in earlier work I have researched the symbolic meaning of some of our native plants with the intention of adding layers of meaning that is relevant to this particular period of transition in our lives.

Toni Hartill

NZ Kauri leaves

The kauri is a symbol of courage, encouraging us to move forward with our plans for the future with renewed creative energy and motivation as new opportunities for growth open up to us.

Toni Hartill

Fern leaves 

Ferns are a symbol of new life and new beginnings. 

Toni Hartill

Pohutukawa leaf

The Pohutukawa is celebrated as "the NZ Christmas tree" with it's vibrant red, fluffy blooms appearing in early December. With Christmas and the summer holidays rapidly approaching it is certainly a driver behind the speed at which restrictions are being eased and, in particular, Auckland's closed borders are being allowed to open.

Toni Hartill

Kowhai seedling

The kowhai,  NZ's unofficial national tree, is said to symbolise personal growth and helps people move on from the past with a renewed sense of adventure. Flowering in spring it is a sign of new life and a new start. In the image the seedling sprouts forth out of the confines of the jar.

Making of

Click on an image: it will enlarge on your screen and
you can then scroll through all of the images.

Or just continue scrolling here.

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill


Once the lino has been carved and all the woolly bits cleaned up, the process of proofing (for me) involves multiple prints as I test, evaluate, tweak and revaluate my carving until I am happy that it "reads" as I intend. It usually involves tentatively seeking feedback from members of the family to check how others might view the work. 

(Please don't crush me with your harsh critiques but give me honest, constructive comments!)

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill


Once I'm happy with all tweaking and I've mixed the ink to the desired colour, in this case a warm black by mixing yellow ochre and black, I set up the press with a guide for registration and put runners in place ready to start printing. The paper, is cut to size and ready to go. Then it's time to  dial up some cruisy music to get me in the zone and the editioning begins!

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Toni Hartill

Today's Announcement

Today it was announced that Auckland, and the whole of NZ, will move to the new "traffic light system" next Thursday, 2 December. For Aucklanders, after 15 weeks in lockdown, this will mean more "freedoms" such as being able to access hospitality venues and events using our new Vaccination Passes. On December 15th all double vaccinated or tested people will be able to exit Auckland for the summer.

Many Aucklanders are chomping at the bit to get the "hell outa dodge", understandably. 

Some of us are a bit more tentative about what the border opening and eased restrictions will mean for the coming months. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely PINING to get up north with my family and to get away to sea for the summer BUT I'm also wary of the rising case numbers, the spreading virus, the vulnerable members of our communities and the squeezed health system. 

So, like my snail buddies, I'm all for a cautious reopening.

Stay well, stay safe, 
wherever you are.

Toni Hartill

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Tuesday, 16 November 2021

Artful Narratives - Tentative New Dates!


An last an update!

Clearly, my exhibition didn't go ahead as rescheduled in my previous post due to the extended Covid Lockdown in Auckland, which began on August 18th when just one case of the Delta strain was reported in the country. Now, as I write this on 16th November, we are STILL in a level 3 lockdown in Auckland. Cases are now popping up around the country and we are chasing the target vaccination rate of 90% in order to progress to a new Traffic Light system, allowing more freedoms particularly for Aucklanders.

That's a very brief precis of what's happening - suffice to say, I decided to abandon any thoughts of proceeding with my exhibition, with all of the uncertainties and restrictions, and aim for new dates next year. 

So, pencil in the dates of 2nd April til 2 June, 2022!

This is timed to coincide with the much anticipated Printopia Festival of Print, which has also been rescheduled to the weekend of May 7th, 8th. I still plan to teach my artist's books workshop during the festival, so be sure to keep an eye out for updates and when to book.

Artful Narratives Catalogue in progress


I was especially looking forward to having my specially designed catalogue printed for the exhibition and I got as far as having my artwork proofed by the wonderful local print company Fuzed. I was so excited when I received the proof, to see that all my hard work had paid off and my quirky little idea of a one-page folding booklet, printed up so beautifully.

Once dates are confirmed, and I've updated the artwork, yet again, I can't wait to share this wee memento with visitors to my exhibition.

"Remanent" by Toni Hartill

Up close and personal

 A really important intention, for me, of wanting to present this exhibition as a large body of work, is to be able to engage with visitors to the show and to enable them (you!) to interact with the artworks, up close and personal. Being able to turn the pages, lift the flaps and peer inside. 

Going online was therefore never a satisfactory option.

So, I hope you'll keep in touch 

and join me next year!

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Thursday, 23 September 2021

Updates for my coming exhibition Artful Narratives


In light of the current Lockdown in Auckland, NZ, amidst all of the uncertainty, it is now clear that my exhibition won't be opening as advertised on the 2nd October.

It's certainly challenging not quite knowing what the actual timeline is but it seems we are at least moving in the right direction and, fingers crossed, we will move to Level 2 in time for me to install sometime in October.

An Opening Event

We will assess the situation at the time of installation and decide if I will 
have an actual opening event and, if so, I would LOVE you to join  me! 

Open to the Public

Once Auckland is able to move to Level 2, and I am able to install my exhibition, 
I look forward to welcoming you along! 

Angela Morton Room, Te Pātaka Toi Art Library,
Level 1 Takapuna Library.


Public programme

I still hope to present a series of artist's talks onsite throughout the exhibition allowing also the opportunity to see the books and structures being manipulated and to get a good look at the features hidden within.

I'll share specific dates and times of the events as soon we can confirm the dates, on my blog, social media and in coming newsletters, so you can mark them in your calendar.

I do hope you'll join me!


Auckland Heritage Festival

I'm was delighted that Artful Narratives was included as one of the events of this annual festival and I was due to present some artist talks as part of my public programme.

Unfortunately, due to the current Lockdown situation in Auckland, 
the Auckland Heritage Festival 2021 has now been CANCELLED.


Unfolding Ideas Workshop

- taking print to the 3rd dimension!

I will be teaching a workshop as part of the
Printopia - Festival of Original Prints 
Sunday 7th November, 10am - 1pm,
Studio One Toi Tū, Ponsonby.

I will introduce a variety of simple folded structures and ways that these could be used to express your own ideas and concepts in tactile, 3 dimensional formats. This workshop will be focused on ideas generation and experimentation culminating in your own collection of sculpted samplers and mock-ups as a stepping-stone for future developments.

For FULL Details and to BOOK 


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Monday, 2 August 2021

Solo Exhibition Announcement: Artful Narratives

I am excited to be presenting this large collection of my sculptural artist's books and 3D objects, created over the past 5 years. Many have never been exhibited and the few that have, have not been exhibited widely.

Having the opportunity to exhibit these works collectively allows me to share an insight into my creative process and inspirations.

Opening event: Saturday 2nd October, 2 - 3.30pm.
All welcome!

Open daily
Angela Morton Room, Te Pātaka Toi Art Library,
Level 1 Takapuna Library.


Public programme

I will be presenting a series of artist's talks onsite throughout the exhibition allowing also the opportunity to see the books and structures being manipulated and to get a good look at the features hidden within.

I'll share specific dates and times of the events soon,
on my blog, social media and in coming newsletters,
so you can mark them in your calendar.

I hope you'll join me.

Auckland Heritage Festival

I'm delighted that Artful Narratives is included as one of the events of this annual festival. My artist's talks, during the festival, will focus on my inspiration and motivation to create the series of works based on the demise of the once mighty kahikatea forests of the region. 


I will be teaching a workshop as part of the
Printopia - Festival of Original Prints in November.

The aim of the workshop is to introduce participants to ideas of creating folded structures and 3D work as an extension to their printmaking - taking print to new dimensions!

Details and how to book will be announced online very soon.

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Friday, 30 July 2021

Guest Artists: Landscapes of Memory & Imagination

Team Toni! I'm excited to be teaming up with Toni Mosley

as GUEST ARTISTS for the 

Rata Printmakers Annual exhibition

1 - 24 August.

OPENING EVENT: Sunday 1st August, 4-6pm. 

Lake House Arts Centre, Takapuna. ALL WELCOME!



Please join us for our artists' talk on Sunday 8th August, 2pm

"Meet two printmakers that not only share a name but a love of ink on paper. 

These artists share a love of telling a story within their prints and artists books. 

This is a chance to hear more about their own print experiences."

Come along to enjoy a gallery full of printy goodness 

by members of Rata Printmakers... and us!

Toni and I will each be exhibiting a piece of recent work alongside the Rata Printmakers. We'll be sharing some of the processes used to create our works plus offer an insight into our practices and experiences.

I will be exhibiting my large etching "Home as a Sanctuary". I'm excited for this to have the opportunity to be exhibited again since it has only been shown at the Hibiscus Awards in Orewa in 2020.


CLICK HERE to read an earlier post about 

the inspiration behind this work plus 

lots of pics about how the work was made.

If you are interested to find out more about this work 

please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hope you can join us at the OPENING &/or the TALK.

Opening: Sunday 1st Aug, 4 - 6pm.

Artists' Talk: Sunday 8th August, 2pm.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

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Changes to Blogger

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Detail: Home as a Sanctuary, etching, by Toni Hartill

Monday, 19 July 2021

The Big Idea feature article




Silence the ‘Shoulds’ in Your Head

"Top tips and advice on how to shake off the mental constraints 
that can hold your creativity hostage from an artist who refuses to be defined."
Written by Vicki Holder.
A while ago I was interviewed by Vicki Holder for The Big Idea website and TODAY the article has been published. Vicki managed to take my excessive blurble and compose it into a very well written piece. Who is this person she writes of?! Even I feel inspired! I could certainly do with taking some of my own advice sometimes.
All joking aside, I'm delighted and so grateful to Vicki and to The Big Idea!
Click link in title or go to: www.thebigidea.nz/stories/silence-the-shoulds-in-your-head
Great timing for this to be published now as I'm very nearly ready to share news of my upcoming exhibition as mentioned in the article, so stay tuned!
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Thursday, 11 March 2021

Out of the Cupboard - Artists' books from artists' studios

"Hone" by Beth Serjeant, "Out of the Cupboard"


 Out of the Cupboard was a curated exhibition of artists books displayed in the Angela Morton Room | Te Pātaka Toi Art Library, within Takapuna Library, Auckland, NZ, 26th Sept - 24 Dec 2020. The exhibition was curated by artist Toni Mosley and myself in collaboration with Leanne Radojkovich, the  research librarian at the Angela Morton Room. 

You can read an earlier blog post about the exhibition here.


Artists' books from Out of the Cupboard.



To view many other photographs documenting the exhibition 

and many of the stories behind the books  

visit @outofthecupboard on Instagram 




To learn more about the Angela Morton Room visit


Angela Morton Room, Te Pātaka Toi Art Library.

It was my intention that I would create a full catalogue of all of the works, to document the show for future online viewing. This, however, never quite happened with just a few too many things on my "plate". Instead, here is a record of the artists' books that were taken from artists' studios for the exhibition.  The artists whose works are shown here includes: Beth Serjeant, Elizabeth Steiner, Celia Walker, Toni Mosley & Toni Hartill. The statements provided are generally written by each artist or are a compilation, written by the curators.




Scroll down to view images and statements for each of the books. 
Clicking on any image will open it in a larger format on your screen.
In this blog I will also share some images from the very successful 
hands-on event we held called "Opening the Cupboards".

The Exhibition Statement

A selection of artist books, from the Angela Morton Room | Te Pātaka Toi Art Library and contemporary Tamaki Makaurau artists, has been gathered from out of library cupboards and artists’ studios to share with and inspire a wider audience. These seldom seen treasures offer a glimpse into the sculptural possibilities of artists’ books – “books” made by artists, challenging the very concept of what a “book” can be. We often think of books fondly as something you enjoy on holiday at the beach. This exhibition aims to open your mind to just some of the possibilities.

From artists’ studios by:  Beth Serjeant, Elizabeth Steiner, Celia Walker, Toni Mosley, Toni Hartill.

From the special collection by: John Denny, Brian Gregory, Judith Haswell, Bronwyn Lloyd of Pania Press, Glenna Matcham, Colin McCahon, Judith O’Rourke, Elizabeth (Beth) Serjeant, Sydney Shep, Paul Thompson, Claire Van Vliet.



 Books from Artists' Studios

Beth Serjeant


Handset poem with box   

Poem by Beth's son Andrew

A/P of Edition of 25

"Foundation" by Beth Serjeant

"Foundation" by Beth Serjeant

"Foundation" by Beth Serjeant

"Foundation" by Beth Serjeant

This book was inspired by ArtStation, now known as Studio One Toi Tū, where Beth has been a tutor for many years. The box contains pieces of the old kiln from Studio One Toi Tū, the bars reference it's former life as a police station with holding cells, and the size and shape of the box references the bricks of the building.



We all stand on each other's shoulders

This is how we learn

the potential of our hands

Weighing each influence

only through inspiration

can we offer our true selves

With this in mind

I place my first brick

Opening my mind’s eye

I gain the horizon


Cork box, pingao flax, flax paper, cast bronze pebble




"Hone" by Beth Serjeant



Poem by Beth Serjeant, written for Hone Tuwhare. Beth was standing in line at a book launch waiting to have her copy signed by Hone when she suddenly felt she needed to have a gift for him. She searched her pockets and found a stone from Piha beach. By the time she got to the front of the queue the stone had been warmed in her pocket. Hone commented on how cold her hands were. He held her hand and placed it in his armpit to warm it. This was the beginning of their long friendship.


Sharing stones

with you, Hone

A warm gift

From an icy hand

Shyly offered


The heat

Of your armpit

Your heart.

Elizabeth Steiner


Flax Mill Wheel

Handmade Ginger Paper, Coptic Binding




"Flax Mill Wheel" by Elizabeth Steiner

"Flax Mill Wheel by Elizabeth Steiner

"Flax Mill Wheel" by Elizabeth Steiner

Steiner’s Flax Mill Wheel closes up into a space as small as a ring box. Both box and book are handmade - beginning with the ginger paper that forms the wheel, to the Coptic stitching that binds it. Steiner didn’t want to cut the paper as that would leave a sharp edge. She used the sheets straight from the frame, which was about A4 in size, then divided the paper down the centre and twice across - creating little rectangles which she folded into squares. Steiner used lightweight card for the box, which she made with no opening - and then cut around it so that the top and bottom matched up perfectly.

Full Circle

48pt Gill Bold condensed type printed on Adana press, 

linocuts, cardboard relief prints and collage.

Edition of 10

"Full Circle" by Elizabeth Steiner

"Full Circle" by Elizabeth Steiner

"Full Circle" by Elizabeth Steiner

A non-adhesive binding that allows each folio to rotate around the tubular spine creating a book without end. Using numbers and words in English and Maori plus Roman and Binary numerals one to ten, printed on Tsasho handmade paper, New Zealand flax handmade paper, mingishi-red, bugra-black and elephant hide paper. Sewn with DMC cotton pearl thread. Housed in a slipcase.

Plastic Bag Book

Plastic Bags


"Plastic Bag Book" by Elizabeth Steiner

"Plastic Bag Book" by Elizabeth Steiner

Elizabeth Steiner collected shopping bags when travelling overseas but once home, they took up a lot of room so she made books out of them. "Shop assistants would ask ‘Do you want it in a bag?’ and I reply ‘What’s your bag like?’,” she said recently. “I don’t want it if it doesn’t have a symbol or writing. And sometimes I would buy something just to get the bag.”

 This book contains contributions from our own Pumpkin Patch to the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles. It’s soft and squishy to touch, and finished with a buttoned cover that has the letters SH on one side and OP on the other. Steiner likes how overlaying one colour over another changes both completely.

Celia Walker


Unbound book

Solar plate etching and digital print 



"Footfall" by Celia Walker





Solar plate etching and collage


"Walk" by Celia Walker

"Walk" by Celia Walker

These two works are an assemblage of collected surfaces, paths and markings, a diary of walks undertaken here and elsewhere. I find engaging more fully with surroundings, paying attention to where I am going and the surface underfoot helps make walking more than just a mode of transport, the physical process is a way of experiencing urban spaces.

Anxious walks

A pandemic zine

A zine collated from prints, photographs and snippets of overheard 

conversations around the time of the first Covid lockdown.

"Anxious Walks" by Celia Walker

"Anxious Walks" by Celia Walker

"Anxious Walks" by Celia Walker

Toni Mosley

Just a simple walk through the hills

Dyed paper, Screenprint, thread

Variable Edition of 5


"Just a Simple Walk Through the Hills" by Toni Mosley

"Just a Simple Walk Through the Hills" by Toni Mosley

This piece stems from my series of combining thread and my book constructions. I love how the thread creates content and focus while not taking away from the very subtle printed pages.  The colours and textures are to recreate the landscape in an almost map like image.


Screenprint on paper with watercolour, acrylic paint and 

coloured pencil inside an accordion fold book (approx 40m in length)


"Assortment" by Toni Mosley

"Assortment" by Toni Mosley

"Assortment" by Toni Mosley


This book was made in conjunction with the exhibition ‘Awkward Land’. The piece is a critique of the creation of the Super City and is about how at the beginning they celebrated the rich diversity of the population and then slowly we all became just grey outlines of the masses.


Toni Hartill



Butter Book – A Buttery Demise

Linocut, collagraph, digital



"Butter Book" by Toni Hartill



"Butter Book" by Toni Hartill



The timber of the Kahikatea was found to be perfect for transporting butter and cheese by refrigerated ship to the UK. The soft, pale, odourless timber did not taint the dairy products on their long journey. The Kahikatea forests were reduced by 63% in the peak period of 1909 – 1917 due to the flurry of activity to export NZ’s dairy products.

In 1913 a Royal Commission was asked to decide how the areas of New Zealand “still under standing forest” should be dealt with. The response in regards to the Kahikatea swamps was clear, and this quote is included within the butter book:

‘As is well known the soil of the white-pine swamps, when drained and the trees removed, forms one of the richest of agricultural land, which when grassed, is extremely useful for dairy farms… Since no land is more suitable for occupation than that of the white-pine swamps, when drained… their value in this regard is a strong plea in favour of the removal of the trees forthwith.’


You can view earlier posts of this book, including "the making of" here.




Imagined Journeys through lost landscapes I, II

Watercolour accordion books within origami boxes



"Imagined Journeys..." by Toni Hartill



"Imagined Journeys..." by Toni Hartill




Imaginary journeys through the lost landscapes that once were the swamps of the Hauraki Plains. It is estimated that more than 98% of pre-European Kahikatea has been lost nationwide and now only occurs as forest fragments. Since researching our nation’s history regarding the demise of our pre-European landscapes I feel bereft for all we have lost and I fear for what we continue to lose.

The boxes are printed with excerpts from the newspaper cutting Le Baigneau, “Where the Village Slew the Forest”, NZ Herald, 24 April 1937.


 You can view earlier posts of this book, including "the making of" here.





Field Notes: Manawa

Drypoint, collagraph, watercolour

Edition of 3


"Field Notes" by Toni Hartill


"Field Notes" by Toni Hartill


Drawn by the appeal of a weathered and much handled book, that collects information over time and becomes a treasured artifact in itself, these books were inspired by my grandfather’s surveying logbooks, kept over many years. They are made entirely out of printed paper textures to imitate weathered surfaces such as the linen lining, the leather cover and the stitched label. Of course every field trip needs some tools of the trade hence the pocket of pretend treasures. I have always been interested in recreating something to look like the real thing, yet it is all make-believe – I call it my fakery-makery.


 You can view earlier posts of this book, including "the making of" here.








"Opening the Cupboards"



This was an opportunity to view the artists’ books outside of the display cupboards, being handled and manipulated, the way they are meant to be fully appreciated.  


From "The Wai-te-Ata Companion to Poetry"



To read the poem by Anne French, in this piece from the Wai-te-Ata Companion to Poetry, the tube has to be constantly turned, revealing the poem gradually.



Potsherds and Geraniums by Judy Haswell.



Being able to delve into the pages of the books meant that some of the hidden treats were revealed, such as the tiny silver fish in Potsherds and Geraniums by Judy Haswell.  


Potsherds and Geraniums by Judy Haswell.


It was also a chance to meet some of the artists involved, to hear the stories behind the making of the books and how they were made.

Bronwyn Lloyd (left) speaks to visitors about her book
First Fall,which is in the special collection.

It was also an opportunity to talk to the research librarian, 

Leanne Radojkovich, about the books from the special collection. 


 Leanne Radojkovich shares The Silences Between,
from the special collection, with a visitor.

We had no idea what to expect of the event nor how many people, if any, would turn up. We just planned on winging it as to how we would present the books to visitors depending on what they might be interested in.


Toni Mosley explains the inspiration for her
large book "Assortment


Leanne Radojkovich describes the way in which Beth Serjeant's
book "Black", from the special collection, was originally exhibited
in multiples as a flock of birds in flight


As it turned out, we had a steady stream of people dropping in from start to finish. People arrived in small groups or individually so we were able to enjoy the chance to tailor a guided tour specifically to their interests.




Beth Serjeant recites her son's poem from her book "Foundation."



 All in all, this was a fun and informative event which had lots of really positive feedback from all. It was a delight to be able to share our love for these special artworks with, in many cases, a new audience.

Out of the Cupboard was exhibited for just over 3 months in the Angela Morton Room | Te Pātaka Toi Art Library, and attracted an audience keen to view and learn more about both artists' books as a medium and some of the many treasures of the special collection. Toni Mosley and I look forward to sharing our plans for future collaborations with Leanne Radojkovich.

Thanks for visiting!