Friday, 30 October 2020

Out of the Cupboard - Artists Books from the Special Collection and Artists' Studios - PLUS upcoming EVENT

Image: 'Manawa" by Toni Hartill

A selection of artist books, from the Angela Morton Room | Te Pātaka Toi Art Library and contemporary Tamaki Makaurau artists, has been gathered from out of library cupboards and artists’ studios to share with and inspire a wider audience. These seldom seen treasures offer a glimpse into the sculptural possibilities of artists’ books – “books” made by artists, challenging the very concept of what a “book” can be. We often think of books fondly as something you enjoy on holiday at the beach. This exhibition aims to open your mind to just some of the possibilities.

From artists’ studios by:  Beth Serjeant, Elizabeth Steiner, Celia Walker, Toni Mosley, Toni Hartill.

From the special collection by: John Denny, Brian Gregory, Judith Haswell, Bronwyn Lloyd of Pania Press, Glenna Matcham, Colin McCahon, Judith O’Rourke, Elizabeth (Beth) Serjeant, Sydney Shep, Paul Thompson, Claire Van Vliet.


September 26th – December 24th, 2020

Open Daily on Level 1, Takapuna Library

 Scroll down to see details of our upcoming EVENT

Toni Mosley

Contemporary printmaker and book artist Toni Mosley and I have curated this exhibition in collaboration with Leanne Radojkovich, research librarian at the Angela Morton Room, Takapuna Library,  Auckland. The idea came about as a result of Toni and I searching for a suitable venue for another artists' books exhibition we were involved with.

Elizabeth Steiner

The Takapuna library wasn't a suitable venue due to the size and number of many of the works of the other exhibition however, it immediately became apparent that the Angela Morton Room was an incredible resource that "needs" to be highlighted and the available exhibition space was perfect for a curated show. In collaboration with Leanne's wonderful passion for the books and the artists, we turned our energies to bringing about this exhibition.  We have pulled together works from the collection and added works from practicing Auckland artists working in the genre of artists' books, with a view to raising the profile of artists books and introducing the concept to a wider audience. We intentionally chose books that would represent a wide range of structures and formats that would challenge the concept of what a book can be.

Paul Thompson, Sydney Shepp, Glenda Matcham, Wai-te-Ata Press



One of the many treats of putting together this exhibition has been the gathering of the many rich and entrancing stories behind the creation of the works. With the help of Leanne we aim to share many of these stories with our audience.



Beth Serjeant shares the story behind the creation of her work "Hone"

 Already the exhibition has had a great response. Many people have responded that they have enjoyed their visit and are incredulous that such a treasure trove exists within our midst. 

You can read a review of the exhibition by print artist Ina Arraoui here.


Celia Walker



We are excited to announce our upcoming EVENT:


Opening the Cupboards

View the artists’ books in all their 3D, tactile glory!


Come and view the artists’ books outside of the display cupboards, 

being handled and manipulated, 

the way they are meant to be fully appreciated. 


Meet some of the artists, hear the stories behind the making of 

the books and how they were made, talk to the research librarian 

about the books from the special collection. 


Angela Morton Room, Te Pātaka Toi | Art Library

Level 1, Takapuna library.


Friday 13th November, 10am – 2pm.

Drop in anytime, no bookings required.

 All welcome.


Image: "Hone" by Beth Serjeant



For images of all of the exhibited books,  closer glimpses 

and some of the stories behind the books 

visit our social media pages:







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into the Angela Morton Room.

Colin McCahon

Bronwyn Lloyd, Pania Press


Friday, 9 October 2020

Taonga o te Ngahere - Etchings of NZ Flora & Fauna

Nga Taonga o te Ngahere (Treasures of the Forest) is an exhibition, held in collaboration with NZ Forest & Bird and The Overwintering Project and is currently presented at the Estuary Arts Centre, Orewa, north of Auckland. The combined exhibitions, curated by Val Cuthbert, include works by over 20 local artists in a wide variety of media. All works were created to draw attention to flora and fauna which is under threat in our region from habitat loss and predation.


My etchings represent the Auckland green gecko or kākāriki in a Manuka tree, kauri snails or pūpūrangi, beneath a kauri tree, and native morepork, or ruru, in a Puriri tree. All prints are on A4 size paper and therefore able to fit in a standard frame as seen below.


“Kākāriki/Auckland Gecko, Manuka” Toni Hartill




Artist Statement:

Found only in the northern half of the North Island, but south of Whangaroa, the Auckland green gecko or Kākāriki is classified as “at risk” from pests, urban development, and competition for food and habitats.

Kauri snails or pūpūrangi were once widespread throughout Northland. They are now endangered due to habitat destruction and predation.

The native morepork, or ruru, is known for its melancholic call. They are commonly found in forests throughout New Zealand. Although not technically threatened their numbers are in gradual decline due to predation and loss of habitat.




 “Kākāriki/Auckland Gecko, Manuka”, Toni Hartill

 Aluminium etching, silver leaf

Paper size: A4, Edition of 5




“Ruru/Morepork, Puriri”, Toni Hartill

Medium: Aluminium etching

Paper size: A4, Edition of 5

“Ruru/Morepork, Puriri” (detail), Toni Hartill

“Pūpūrangi/ Kauri Snail, Kauri”, Toni Hartill

Medium: Aluminium etching

Paper size: A4, Edition of 8

“Pūpūrangi/ Kauri Snail, Kauri” (detail), Toni Hartill

To view more images and to learn about the process involved 

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