Friday, 30 August 2019

"Coastal Cruising" series - now at Art Bureau Gallery

"Landscapes & Signifiers" 
is an exhibition currently on at Art Bureau Gallery, 
228A Dominion Rd, Mt Eden. 
On til 19th September, 2019. 
Mon-Fri 10am - 4pm.

I was very honoured and delighted to be invited to contribute works to this exhibition 
by curator and artist Rebecca Tune.

Artists in the exhibition include: 

Richard Adams, Rodney Fumpston, Sean McCarthy, Jo Dalgety, John Horner, 
Geoff Tune, Mark Wooller, Justin Summerton and Toni Hartill.

"Coastal Cruising I" by Toni Hartill

Detail: "Coastal Cruising I" by Toni Hartill

My  "Coastal Crusing" series of works are part of a larger series inspired by my family’s connection to the Northland Coastline of New Zealand. My landscape work draws on my physical experience of being within a landscape to attempt to express my emotional, and physical relationship with the environment. 
These works were created in contemplation of time spent cruising the coast with my family, retracing the trails of my grandfather AH Pickmere who surveyed the Northland coastline and who’s lifelong work is published as the Pickmere Atlas.

Our copies of the atlas are well-thumbed and inscribed with records of our visits to the many islands, inlets, nooks and crannies - where the snorkeling was great, where we went ashore to hike over the hills for the best views, the good anchorages, the sandiest beaches and the best sea caves to explore. All the while, as our fingers trace the lines on the charts, we are constantly awed that "Grandpa" actually surveyed all of this himself, no fancy technology, no laser sights nor gps. His launch, a clinker dinghy, his trusty notebooks and a well worn pencil, his theodolite...and a commitment to chart his beloved coastline.

Arthur Hereward Pickmere, Opito Bay.

AHP notebooks

Each of the "Coastal Cruising" works are unique, one-off pieces made using a variety of printmaking processes. Each print would have passed through the press at least a dozen times to create the many layers of patterns, colours and textures.


 Details and the making of the works

Plaster collograph plate by Toni Hartill

"Coastal Cruising I" (detail) by Toni Hartill
Example of embossing detail - Coastal Cruising series
Example of embossing detail - Coastal Cruising series

Stencils and masks by Toni Hartill
Stencils and masks by Toni Hartill

Enquires and feedback welcome.

Visit Art Bureau to view until 19th Sept, 2019.

All works for sale.

Thanks for visiting!