Fri 9th September, 2022

Fibre Arts Take Two: Article - Different Directions

This article appears on the Fibre Arts Take Two website under the "Articles and Interviews" tab and is a summary of the live interview as seen below and includes a direct link to the interview.

Fri 29th/ Sat 30th April, 2022

New Zealand artist/printmaker Toni Hartill has worn many hats, from furniture designer, to painter, and more recently a secondary school teacher where she had the opportunity to dive into printmaking. Beginning with the idea of ‘what’ and ‘why’ Toni allows the choice of media and process to follow, expressing her intentions in the form of prints, unique artists books, mini dioramas and other sculptural creations....

Available to view on Facebook HERE & YouTube HERE.

Blogpost: 2/5/2021

3 April, 2022

Ina Arraoui: Print Community: Artful Narratives

In the gallery space, artist books are often overlooked, presented in a way with no context or indication of how the public should interact with them. Artful Narratives is a collection of artist books created by Auckland based artist Toni Hartill between 2016 and 2021 that demonstrate the conceptual complexity and exquisite materiality that Hartill has achieved in this medium. This is her first solo show, pulling together several series that form a larger body of work telling a story of the importance of taking notice of and protecting our natural environment. Until now, many of the pieces have either been hidden away or travelling in group shows, so this is the first time they can be seen alongside one another... 

Blogpost: 04/04/2022

1 April, 2022

Rangitoto Observer: Artist's intricate books inspired by love of the local environment

An introduction to the exhibition "Artful Narratives" which opens on 2 April at Angela Morton Room, Level 1, Takapuna Library, Takapuna, Auckland.

Blogpost: 31/03/2022

16 March, 2022

An insight into the inspiration and motivation behind this body of work which will be exhibited as part of my Artful Narratives exhibition. This work focuses on the story of the destruction of the kahikatea forests of Aotearoa, in particular of the Hauraki Plains.

19 July, 2021

Top tips and advice on how to shake off the mental constraints that can hold your creativity hostage from an artist who refuses to be defined.

Blogpost: 19/07/2021 



13 November, 2020

The Rangitoto Observer: These books are made for more than light reading.

An overview of the Out of the Cupboard Artists' Books Exhibition, a collaboration with artist Toni Mosley and librarian Leanne Radojkovich of the Angela Morton Room, Te Pātaka Toi Art Library, Takapuna Library, Auckland.

Sept 2018

"Imprint" - Spring 2018, Vol 53, No. 3  

Cover image: "Moth plant" by Toni Hartill + article + photos (written by Celia Walker) "The Fragility of the Urban Forest" - reporting on the "Forest has the Blues" collaborative project. p 13 - 17.



 27 July, 2018

The Devonport Flagstaff: Hundreds meander through Forest has the Blues Exhibition.

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