Tuesday, 6 June 2017

100 Days Project - 14 days of "going rogue".

100 Days Project, 2017 - Toni Hartill

Fourteen days down and all's swell!

My decision to "go rogue" feels like a little burst of freedom!  This year I decided to not register and to unofficially take part in this year's NZ 100 Days Project  .. and so far, so good. 

I've participated twice before and got a lot out of the experience but... I have to say the experience can become a bit of a slog at times as I feel the pressure (all self-imposed of course) of needing to present my project publicly. 

This time I'm NOT regularly uploading my progress so I'm not worrying about how the images might "read" in sequence, whether the drawings relate, or flow, or make sense... although I do still care whether the drawings are any good... but then, I don't have to show anyone... so that's ok then!

This time I'm still, so far, looking forward to when I sit down with my sketch book. I'm allowing myself to draw whatever takes my fancy at the time. I'm allowing myself to play with whatever medium I might have at hand. I look online for inspiration if I'm lacking some days eg. at illustrators' works, and allow myself to be led off on random tangents to try something new. 

NEVER thought I'd draw from photos of celebrities (!) Did you?!

So far, media I've used includes: 

pencil, ball point and fine-line pens, watercolours, brush pens and Promarker markers.

Illustrators/artists who have inspired me:

I'd love to hear from you 
if you are taking part in a 
100 Days Project 
whether it be 
official or otherwise!

Hope its going well and, first and foremost, that you are ENJOYING IT!