Friday, 30 July 2021

Guest Artists: Landscapes of Memory & Imagination

Team Toni! I'm excited to be teaming up with Toni Mosley

as GUEST ARTISTS for the 

Rata Printmakers Annual exhibition

1 - 24 August.

OPENING EVENT: Sunday 1st August, 4-6pm. 

Lake House Arts Centre, Takapuna. ALL WELCOME!



Please join us for our artists' talk on Sunday 8th August, 2pm

"Meet two printmakers that not only share a name but a love of ink on paper. 

These artists share a love of telling a story within their prints and artists books. 

This is a chance to hear more about their own print experiences."

Come along to enjoy a gallery full of printy goodness 

by members of Rata Printmakers... and us!

Toni and I will each be exhibiting a piece of recent work alongside the Rata Printmakers. We'll be sharing some of the processes used to create our works plus offer an insight into our practices and experiences.

I will be exhibiting my large etching "Home as a Sanctuary". I'm excited for this to have the opportunity to be exhibited again since it has only been shown at the Hibiscus Awards in Orewa in 2020.


CLICK HERE to read an earlier post about 

the inspiration behind this work plus 

lots of pics about how the work was made.

If you are interested to find out more about this work 

please don't hesitate to contact me.

Hope you can join us at the OPENING &/or the TALK.

Opening: Sunday 1st Aug, 4 - 6pm.

Artists' Talk: Sunday 8th August, 2pm.

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

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Well, it's taken me a while but I have finally got around to setting up an online newsletter and so you can now subscribe by clicking on the NEWSLETTER button in the tool bar above!


If you'd like to receive an occasional email from me with announcements of my latest blog posts, and updates about my artwork, upcoming exhibitions or projects, please subscribe. I have a number of things on the go in the coming months, so I look forward to sharing my news with you.

Since announcing my planned "retirement" from my role as PCANZ Rep come Jan 2022, I realised that I need to make sure I keep in touch with our wonderful printy community, via my own contacts, so please be sure to subscribe.


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Changes to Blogger

There used to be an option to subscribe to my blog using a built in Widget but this is unfortunately no longer supported by Blogger  (no idea why).

So, if you were one of the many people who used to follow me and receive a notification of my latest blog posts, you can now SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER and I will send you updates, straight to your email inbox. 


I'll see you there... or here! 

Detail: Home as a Sanctuary, etching, by Toni Hartill

Monday, 19 July 2021

The Big Idea feature article




Silence the ‘Shoulds’ in Your Head

"Top tips and advice on how to shake off the mental constraints 
that can hold your creativity hostage from an artist who refuses to be defined."
Written by Vicki Holder.
A while ago I was interviewed by Vicki Holder for The Big Idea website and TODAY the article has been published. Vicki managed to take my excessive blurble and compose it into a very well written piece. Who is this person she writes of?! Even I feel inspired! I could certainly do with taking some of my own advice sometimes.
All joking aside, I'm delighted and so grateful to Vicki and to The Big Idea!
Click link in title or go to:
Great timing for this to be published now as I'm very nearly ready to share news of my upcoming exhibition as mentioned in the article, so stay tuned!
 In order to view this and other published articles about my work 
I have added a new button to my tool bar above.

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