Wednesday, 9 October 2013

IPE- International Print Exchange - Green Door Printmaking Studio

My edition of 10 prints ready to send to the UK. Drypoint on shaped plate.
I wanted to create a small piece of NZ to send out into the world
hence the Pohutukawa flower/ leaf. 

As a result of a link that printmaker Aine Scannell shared on G+ I set myself the challenge of taking part in Green Door Printmaking Studio's International Print Exchange this year. It was a challenge for me because I am relatively new to printmaking, I had never completed a full edition of prints and, as there were some fairly strict requirements, I felt it would be a good exercise to jump start my printmaking practice. 

(Well, it worked! I've just had my first group print exhibition, have another print in a national NZ printmaking exhibition and next year is filling up with exhibition bookings.)

The prints were due to arrive in the UK by the end of August and we received our exchanged prints just a couple of weeks later, beautifully packaged and presented. 

The package arrived beautifully presented: screen printed box,  sealed with a sticker,
inside: a little badge, a personalised booklet (containing info about our exchanged
prints and where our prints went, a list of all the artist who took part
and information about which print processes were used), and the prints were
in a printed envelope, wrapped in acid free tissue (provided by each artist.)
A record of the prints I received. Prints came from Taiwan, UK and USA.

Clock-wise from top left: "Urban Landscape" by Hyun-Jin Kim, Taiwan;
"Fungi" by Chrissy Stangroom, UK; "Jordan" by Nancy Power, UK; "Happy Tails" by Benjamin Gross, USA.

Clock-wise from top left: "Elephants Dream" by Harriet Brigdale, UK;
"Mr Goose & his friends" by Kirsty Taylor, UK;
"Complicated Shadows" by Diane Sandall, USA;
"Dream Ride" by Eleonora Amici, UK.
These are the artists who received my prints, in the UK, USA and Australia.

Although it cost a bit to put it all together and post from the opposite side of the world, receiving the beautiful prints and seeing my print on-line in the exhibition (on the other side of the world), it was so worth it.

The print exhibition. (That's my print, second from the right on the bottom row.)

Thank you Green Door Studio!!

Exhibition Poster

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Group Exhibition - Waitakere Printers Ink in The Barrel Store

The Barrel Store
Eight printmakers from the community arts group WaitakerePrinters Ink exhibited their artworks at the refurbished Barrel Store at Corbans Estate Arts Centre last weekend. 

Based at Corbans Estate in Henderson, Waitakere Printers Ink was set up in 2010 by artist Ruby Oakley with funding from Creative Communities.  After participating in two summer schools at the Arts Centre she recognised there was a need for somewhere for keen printmakers to meet and to have access to a quality printmaking press, a specialist piece of equipment few artists can afford.

Membership comprises of a diverse mix of like-minded people from all over Auckland. On average six to eight members gather each month to use the facilities in a supportive environment of shared interest.

This year’s exhibition showcased the work of Alicia Poultney, Diane Charraz, Lorraine Vickery, Lynn Bryant, Ruby Oakley, ToniHartill Tracy Singer and Val Cuthbert. A wide variety of printmaking techniques was on display including, but not limited to, drypoint, etching, lino cut, wood block, chine colle, collograph, solarplate, screenpint, lithography and monoprint techniques.

A key goal of the group is to promote printmaking as an art form. Each of the artists have their own unique perspective yet they all share the excitement that printmaking provides. Although hard work it was an entirely fun experience and a great chance to get to know each other better. As a result of how well the event ran, we are already making bookings for several exhibitions next year!

The exhibition opened on Thursday 3rd October, and was open daily until Sunday 6th October.

Visit the Waitakere Printers Ink Facebook page to stay in touch with further events and to view more of their work.

The blank canvas at 9am on set-up day

One difficulty with the venue is the lack of lighting
but we solved this with borrowed spots.

A slideshow of more of our work, and of our print group
in action, ran throughout the exhibition.

 "Between the Tides" series - THartill gelatine monoprints

Rockpools - "Softly Sleeping" and "Biding Time"
- THartill drypoints

 "In and out of the Garden"
-  THartill gelatine monoprints

 "Beneath the Tides" series - THartill drypoint, chine colle,
collage, hand colouring, mixed media.

"Remains",  "Residue" and "Fragments"- THartill drypoint,
chine colle with mixed media

"Ebb and Flow" - THartill woodblock prints on voile,
4 metres long