Wednesday, 6 March 2019

"Scattered" - thoughts and ideas in progress.

Works in progress for "Scattered" by Toni Hartill

Another of this year's upcoming projects
is a group exhibition with artists
Celia Walker, Elle Anderson and myself.


 Opens Wednesday May 1st at 5.30pm
Ponsonby, Auckland.

The inspiration for this show was to provide an opportunity for the three of us to exhibit together,
particularly now that we are scattered geographically by Elle's move away from Auckland. 

The exhibition will include a scattering of small works - works in progress and ideas in motion, partial renderings and snapshots, into our various ways of working. We began with a shared piece of text as a starting point for inspiring our thoughts and ideas, each in our own way.

This has been an opportunity to allow ourselves to "play" more freely without the need to be focused on end "products" but rather with a view to sharing some of our thoughts and processes that emerge along the way. I envisage my installation will be something of a glimpse into just how scattered my thoughts can be when I am working on a particular project with the wall space scattered, much as my studio becomes scattered, with a multitude of works in progress, revealing also the many tangents I might venture off on!


As we approach our installation at the end of April
I will share some my progression of ideas and thoughts
and hope you will enjoy coming along to experience
our works up close.

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