Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Final countdown to "Scattered" group show!


 Just ONE week to go til our group exhibition "Scattered" opens 
and I'm doing my last bit of faffing around planning my layout. To read earlier posts about preparations for this exhibition click here.

 All of my pieces are currently spread out across a surface the size of the wall space where I will be hanging them and each time I go past I seem to move a piece here, tweak a bit there, add in one more piece, take one away...  There are so many possible alternate combinations for laying out the work that this stage could actually go on forever - but, no, I'm very close to calling it a wrap and beginning to pack it all up ready for installation day on Monday... I think...

Celia's initial idea behind this exhibition was to provide an opportunity for the three of us to have something to work towards, together but also separately. Together in spirit, initial inspiration and mutual support but separate in that we each have our own ways of working and our own interests and ideas.


The title Scattered came about because we are now scattered geographically since Elle has moved away from Auckland - a good 5 hours drive away. We also wanted the show to include works that are scattered in format - not finished pieces of work but works in progress, encouraging us to be more experimental and exploratory in our approaches. Usually we would aim to produce refined and completed works for an exhibition, ready to present and sell to an audience. There are often works which show potential but aren't quite resolved, works that raise possibilities for new directions but that don't make the final cut to fit in with other works in a show or for a myriad of other reasons. In my experience, I have drawers full of partially resolved works that could lead somewhere else but which I never quite get back to.

Speaking for myself, my bit of wall space will be scattered with an array of my experiments and explorations into mark-making, materials and subject matter inspired initially by the shared quote, our starting point. I've used a wide range of printmaking techniques, but have also toyed with some stitching, collage, paper-cutting, paper folding, drawing and paint - some are more serious investigations, many are completely playful such as my mini-dioramas.

My resulting scattering will be a lot like my studio wall/ table/ floor when I'm developing new work, testing new ideas, trialing new techniques. There are lots of little combinations which could be considered resolved and which could be framed or just hung as they are in wee collections. There are other components which could easily lead off on new tangents to inspire new fact, for those who have seen some of my other projects of late you will see familiar snippets - either ideas have been sown here and have morphed into projects of their own or other projects have inspired ideas for this project. Either way works for me and helps me avoid the dreaded "artist's block".

Celia and Elle have both approached the exhibition from their own viewpoints, also creating a scattering of works but with entirely different approaches to mine and to each other.  Makes for a really intriguing show which we hope our visitors will enjoy!

Image: Celia Walker, 2019

Separated geographically, but connected through ideas, Scattered brings together artists Celia Walker, Elle Anderson and Toni Hartill with an expansive scattering of work that responds to ideas around shifting horizons, uncertain pathways and traveled landscapes. Individual works act as field notes, working drawings, partial renderings and snapshots, but operate together to form a group response to remembered places.

1 Ponsonby Road,
Opens Wednesday May 1st, 5pm. 

Please join us!

 View 2nd - 30th May, 2019.

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Wednesday, 17 April 2019

Guest artist at Waiprint 2019 - preparations!

 Earlier this year I was invited to be the guest artist 
at the annual Waiprint exhibition held at 
Artspost Gallery, Hamilton, New Zealand,

July 19th - August 19th 2019.

Opening event July 18th, 5.30pm.

 Waiprint is the annual exhibition by the Waikato Society of Arts Printmakers 
and 2019 is their 30th year - quite a milestone and I feel extremely honoured to have been invited.
So, despite having already said I wouldn't/ couldn't take on any more projects this year.... this was one I didn't want to turn down. 

The exhibition opens on July 18th, just 2 days before our BIG Forest has the Blues exhibition opens, and WHILE our Forest install will still be taking place! 

In order to accept the invite and to be sure I put together a body of work that will do the show justice (hopefully!) I began planning back in February and got everything framed, packed and have just now handed them over, yes, well ahead of time. (Did I mention I am also going to be in Spain for most of June so... another wee hitch in a very full year to plan around!)

My exhibition will be called "Field Notes" and includes works created in the past year or so, all of a botanical nature - all works that have involved research into aspects of New Zealand ecology. 
There are also 2 new framed works, as yet not exhibited, plus I am very excited to exhibit a couple of one of my recent artist's books. (Unusually I made an edition of 3 - my books are usually one-offs!)

Artists Books Workshop 



I will be running a 1 day workshop which will be an introduction to various simple book structures and will aim to inspire and encourage participants to play with ideas and concepts to take their work in new dimensions, literally. The workshop will be on 7 September at Artspost Galleries. (Unfortunately it will be after the exhibition ends due to my very full diary but hopefully it will mean I will have a clearer head by then!)
To view some of my artists books click on the tab in the bar at the top of the page and scroll down. Links within the page will take you to earlier posts about the making of most of the books.

More information to come, or check the Waikato Museum website for updates.

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Friday, 12 April 2019

PCANZ Print Exchange - prints in progress

I have just completed and delivered my set of prints for the 
Inaugural PCANZ Print Exchange. 

All info can be found on the PCANZ website at


PCANZ (Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand) members are invited to create an edition of 10 prints, 8 of which will be randomly exchanged with other participating members. One print will form part of a set that will be exhibited and available for sale (same price for all) to raise funds towards the 2020 PCANZ Summer School Scholarship. (Details re SALE tba).

The remaining print will become a part of a collection showcasing the works of contemporary PCANZ members. This will be added to the PCANZ archive currently held at the Aratoi Museum of Art + History, Wairarapa and will be an invaluable collection to look back on in future years.

This project will also be an opportunity for members to “discover” the work of other members and to begin, or add to, their own collection of contemporary NZ printmaking. We are hopeful for a majority of members, of all calibers, to be involved to make this a truly representative collection of PCANZ 2019.

I wanted to create something a little bit "unusual", a little bit "me", 
and something that (hopefully) others might like to have in their collection of exchanged prints. 
Of course for me this meant taking a multi-faceted approach involving a mix of techniques.
We are required to make 10 prints for the exchange. Although I am NOT a fan of editioning (at all!) I decided to aim for an edition of 15 prints (secretly allowing spares for "duds - which, amazingly, there were none) allowing myself a copy for my own records and a few to sell.


Manawa (NZ Mangrove) seedling

Drypoint, handcoloured with watercolour

Cut out

 Mud! Collograph with cutouts.


 Combining details

Blind embossing the glass dome

 Putting it all together



"Specimen: Manawa" by Toni Hartill
Manawa, the New Zealand mangrove, is a well-known inhabitant of the shores of northern NZ. Its presence however can be polarizing: some consider it a nuisance and want it cleared, others cherish it as part of the natural landscape. In many areas it is proliferating due to increased nutrient run-off and silt from forestry, farming or land developments. In other areas it has been threatened by land reclamation and polluted waterways. Perhaps its presence is taken for granted. If we become complacent we risk losing either treasured landscapes or a vital part of our ecology. It is tragic to think of the many specimens held in collections that are a record of what was once abundant but are no longer. Engagement with our environment is key.


I've had one print framed to be included as part of an upcoming exhibition. 
(More info to come. Just quietly... I'm really pleased with how it has been enhanced by the simple framing - seems to add to its impact as a little museum specimen.)

"Specimen: Manawa" by Toni Hartill

I eagerly await my exchanged prints later in the year 
and also the opportunity to purchase prints to help raise funds for PCANZ.

If you are interested in joining in:

PCANZ Print Exchange:
Open to ALL members.
Deadline July 5th, 2019.
For all info and details visit:

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