Sunday, 10 July 2016

PCANZ Collaborative Prints - complete at last!

To read about this collaborative project click here to read a previous post.

These collaborative prints were created by 
50 PCANZ  (Print Council Aotearoa New Zealand) members, and NZ printmakers 
to celebrate the PCA (Print Council of Australia) 50 years of print, 2016.

The  new PCANZ website has just gone LIVE so be sure to visit it at:

(If you would like to know anything more about PCANZ, 
I am now an Auckland rep so please message me.)

by Group 1, PCANZ

Susan Hurrell-Fieldes, Kathy Boyle, Julz Henderson
Val Cuthbert, 
Deborah Crowe, Lisa Feyen
Charraz, Jane Stevens, Lynn Taylor, Delwyn Holder

"Habitat - A Print Dialogue"
by Group 2, PCANZ

Celia Walker, RobynTillman, Lisz Bodzworth, Jo Ogier, 
Antonia O’Mahony, Faith Thomas, Struan Hamilton, Kim Lowe, 
Marci Tackett, Steve Lovett & Emma McLellan

by Group 3, PCANZ

Nicola Ov, Bev Head, Maggie Dawson, Mark Graver
Pat Grove-Hills, Basia Smolnicki, 
Beth Charles
Kris Lockett, Ian Halliday, Carole Shepheard

"Evolutionary Forces"
by Group 4, PCANZ

Lynne Wilburn, Rosalie Thompson, Rosemary Mortimer
Di Harries, Julia Ellery, Kathy Reilly, Elle Anderson, 

John Pusateri, Prue MacDougall, Kyla Cresswell

by Group 5, PCANZ

Kheang Ov, Anna Nelson, Toni Hartill, Lee Brogan
Kate Buckley, Morag Shaw, Merle Bishop
Joan Taylor, 
Erinna Law-Szalay, Kate Rivers

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