Friday, 1 July 2016

My 1908 Ewbank Little Giant in action!

Isn't that a thing of beauty, or what!

Even on days when I'm not printing, I have been known 
to crank away on my little mangle just for the simple pleasure 
of hearing the cogs whirring. 

To see how an old mangle became my printing press see earlier posts here.

As a bit of a sidestep/distraction/procrastination from the studio today, 
I finally sat down to learn how to convert a movie file to a GIF 
so I can upload clips to my blog. 
And this is one clip I've been wanting to share since I got my mangle.

How hard can it be? right?

Several hours(!!) later, having discovered incompatibility problems with programs and files, so learning a whole heap of other new tricks, and some expert help from my in-house computer whizz son, I've at last succeeded.

Now I know what I now know,
it's not so hard...

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