Friday, 1 July 2016

Playing at creating "books"

Background papers - monoprint layers
by Toni Hartill

An ongoing project I am working on is playing around with constructing little "books", along a theme looking at mangrove environments. I say "books" because I have no formal skills in bookmaking - don't look too close! I'm approaching it from a printmaking point of view of trying to express ideas through the use of printmaking processes and book-like constructions - although again I'm probably breaking all the rules of book construction.

But, yes, it's fun.

Good to take time to "play"
and to try not to be too precious!

And to see where it leads me....

Assorted play using drypoint, monoprint and collograph.
by Toni Hartill

Long drypoint plate
by Toni Hartill

Drypoint layer
by Toni Hartill

Monoprint layers added for fold out "logbooks"
by Toni Hartill
Close up of cover - layers of collograph
and monoprint were used to create a leather-like effect.
by Toni Hartill

Papers are printed on both sides - in this case
with a tissue collograph plate.
by Toni Hartill

The landscape folds out of the book. The format
is inspired by the old log books my
grandfather, a surveyor, kept with all his field notes.
by Toni Hartill

I have quite a little collection amassing so I hope to exhibit them somewhere,
once I have worked through my many ideas.

Early days yet...

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