Saturday, 27 July 2013

100 Day Project - Half way!

 Day 50 Yeah-yah! 
Phew! Halfway there.... 

Participating in the 100 Day Project is, on the whole, an enjoyable and positive experience. Having to keep up to date and post things on-line helps to keep me going as it would be all too tempting to let it slide for all the usual reasons - too busy, too tired... Some days are definitely tougher than others and often the hardest thing is deciding what to draw. 

Some positives are I'm rediscovering the pleasure of just sitting quietly and drawing. I find it very relaxing and almost meditative. On "good days" I like to set a challenge. I'm gaining in confidence and I'm learning to trust that I will come up with some inspiration and I will draw something half reasonable.

HERE is the link to the previous post on this project.

Here a few of my drawings from the first 50 days.

Day 9 
Day 25
Day 33
Day 36
Day 37 
Day 39
Day 49

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