Sunday, 15 September 2013

100 Days project - mission accomplished!

My completed Pocket sized visual diary.

This year's 100 day project started way back on June 7th and finished on September 14th (yesterday) with a show which was open to the public until Sunday afternoon. It was fantastic meeting other 100-dayers and sharing our tales of highs and lows. It was amazing to see how much creativity there was going on in the community from people of all ages and abilities. There were the ultra polished, very professional projects by graphic artists and photographers, through to family projects and also the most endearing projects completed by children. Everyone agreed that it was a wonderful experience to take part in and although it required a lot of stamina and commitment, the sense of achievement was great. I'm sure everyone has learnt a little something more about themselves and their abilities and for many it will be a stepping stone to more challenges. Although everyone was heaving a huge sigh of relief that it was over, the conversations didn't take long til someone uttered the words "next time I'm going to...." .... yeah, nah.... we'll see.....

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Here are few highlights of the last few days...

Day 87: The Barrel Store - our venue for a print group exhibition

Day 96: Rock pools - a current fascination.
Day 90: spent framing works for an upcoming exhibition.
Day 98: Puss sitting up at the table opposite me.
Day 99: RIP little pen, you served me well.
Day 100: The End.

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