Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Collograph prints for "Lasting Impressions" exhibition.

"Lasting Impressions" is a group exhibition by members of my print group Waitakere Printers Ink. This exhibition at Studio 1, is in a room adjacent to the "print2print" exhibition by the CPCANZ Auckland members where I am exhibiting 2 monoprints with the theme "light and dark". Also showing in another adjacent room is a solo print show "Directions" by Ruby Oakley, the founder of the print group and an Auckland rep for the CPCANZ.

I will be exhibiting my recent collographs all based on a sea theme. For me, the sea always leaves a lasting impression, in fact I think it is printed in my DNA! And these collograph plates certainly leave a lasting impression on the paper as the paper becomes very embossed by the textures of the plates.

A collograph plate in the making by Toni Hartill.

Details of 2 collograph plates by Toni Hartill

Collograph plate ready for printing by Toni Hartill

"Sea shore" collograph by Toni Hartill

"Sea weed I" collograph by Toni Hartill

"Sea spray" collograph by Toni Hartill

These prints are another step in my exploration of collograph techniques, an ongoing learning experience through trial and error. I am also working on embracing the imperfect and welcoming spontaneity and the happy accident! Anyone who knows my "perfectionism" tendencies will know how challenging this can be. 

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