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100 Days Project.... again!

50 days of mark making by Toni Hartill

Yep, I'm doing it again!

I first participated in the 100 Days Project back in 2013.

You can link to my earlier blogs about this here.
And you can find out more about the "100 Days Project" here.

I found the experience of repeating a  specific creative task every day for 100 days was ultimately a great exercise in reinforcing and honing a skill.

I dithered A LOT about whether I would take part again as I found it was fairly all-consuming last time. If I was taking part again I wanted it to inform and enhance my current arts practice and not be a distraction.

My project this time is 

everyday, for 100 days.

Progress at Day 30 of 100 Days Project
by Toni Hartill

This time I am not focused on an end "product". Nor am I aiming at producing a mark a day or a finished page or image per day. My focus is to simply create marks every day in order to explore, experiment and play at different ways of working, using a variety of media and combinations of media with the aim of adding to my "vocabulary" of mark making skills.

Some days I am simply mark-making for the sake of the project.

Drypoint over/under various layers
by Toni Hartill

 However, on most days I am actively experimenting with ways of increasing my toolbox of techniques to use in particular projects I am currently working on or planning. 

Embossing textures by Toni Hartill

Some days I resort to using a simple mark in a variety of ways to see where it leads me.

Linocut patterns by Toni Hartill

Other days, through the "need" to create a mark for the project, I come up with ideas of ways of working that I may not have considered before. There are a lot of "happy accidents" happening.

Stitching over collograph by Toni Hartill

In planning for the project I searched for artist models that could inspire me along the way, especially for the days when no other inspiration came a-calling. 

On some days I am directly referring to particular artists' works:

Dremel mark making by Toni Hartill

Collograph prints by Toni Hartill

Hinke Schreuders

Stitching over printed image by Toni Hartill

Stitching over printed images by Toni Hartill

Linocut patterns by Toni Hartill

Other days I use artists to refresh my thinking and set me on a new path if I am stuck or feeling at the end of a particular exploration. (This is where Pinterest comes in real handy.)

Karine Leger
Sarah Amos
Melissa Smith
Anne Moore
Sophie Munns
Elizabeth Couloigner
Alice Fox
India Flint...

Often the sea is the focus of my mark making - this is usually because I am working through particular ideas for various projects.

Collograph plates by Toni Hartill

Collograph and drypoint print by Toni Hatill

Drypoint with added tone and highlights by Toni Hartill

Various seas - drypoint with added tone by Toni Hartill

Caustic etched lino prints by Toni Hartill

Linocuts using dremel by Toni hartill

Alternatively, on many days I am just creating marks and patterns, often that I wouldn't normally use, to see where they take me and enjoying the freedom of "playing." 

Drypoint and stitching by Toni Hartill
Drypoint and stitching by Toni Hartill

Drypoint and carborundum plate by Toni Hartill

Drypoint and carborundum prints by Toni Hartill

Multiple layers including drypoint, collograph and linocut
by Toni Hartill
What I like best about how this project is progressing is how new questions are constantly arising prompting new and unexpected explorations and directions. Some days I have so many new ideas flying at me that I wonder how I can retain them all to work on over time - I may need another 100 days!

So, 50 days down.... another 50 to go.
It seems I have the makings of a compendium of mark making!

Watch this space...

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