Sunday, 14 July 2019

Estuary Art & Ecology Prize 2019 - a Merit Award!

The Estuary Art & Ecology Prize, 2019

Uxbridge Arts Centre, 
Howick, Auckland, NZ

Exhibition of Finalists
13 July to 1 September 2019
Awards Ceremony
Saturday 13 July 2019, 2:30PM
I am thrilled that my artist book "Search & Rescue 
was awarded a Merit Prize for this year's award.
 Congratulations to the winners of the 13th Annual Estuary Art and Ecology Prize:
First Prize: Mo Stewart.
Second Prize: Roma Anderson
Merit Toni Hartill and Briana Woolliams

Many thanks to Judge Dr Janine Randerson, Uxbridge Centre Director Vickie Bowers and to everyone who contributed to making it a really special event and a stunning exhibition. 
For more info and images please visit Uxbridge Arts & Culture

Big thank you to Gordon Harris for sponsoring the Merit awards.

And a special thanks to family and friends who came a long way to show their support.

 Scroll on for some images from the awards ceremony.

(Sincere apologies for the lack of pics of the other prize winners' and finalists' works as I was somewhat focused on recording reactions to my own work at the time and doing a lot of jibber-jabber catching up with friends and meeting other artists - fabulous event!)

From Left to right: Centre Director: Vickie Bowers, Merit: Toni Hartill, 1st Prize: Mo Stewart, Judge: Dr Janine Randerson, Merit: Briana Woolliams, 2nd Prize: Roma Anderson




"Te Wai o Taiki" by Briana Woolliams (Merit)

Left to right: "Hangman" by Summer Shimizu, Blueprint for Tamaki" by Barnaby McBryde, "Echo" by Mo Stewart (1st), "Breath Carrier" by Roma Anderson (2nd).

 As mentioned in a previous post, my work is meant to be handled so, with a bit of encouragement, it was great to watch people enjoying having an explore amongst the pages. Some were tentative at first as its not usual that you are allowed to handle artworks in a gallery space but, once reassured, they had fun having a peek and a fondle. And yes, it is very tactile, adding to the experience.


 This work "Waterball" by Summer Shimizu is also meant to be handled revealing some lovely surprises.


  The exhibition has been beautifully curated and the works 
all seem to compliment each other perfectly in the space. So pleased to be hanging in the gallery with other such talented and skilled artists such as Neal Palmer and good friend and partner in "crime" Celia Walker.

"Pawson's Cylinder" by Neal Palmer

"Marginal" by Celia Walker

Judge: Dr Janine Randerson

Prize winners 2019
A final icing on the cake is that "Search & Rescue" was sold during the opening event which was both a surprise and a delight! Hard to let my "babies" go but I know it is going to a very special home and I couldn't be happier.

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The exhibition is open until September 1st 2019.
See website for hours.

Thanks for visiting!


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